Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Wimpy Kid 2 - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Sequel

The Diary of a Wimpy wasn't on my radar until the first trailer went out. But after seeing the movie trailer I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a hilarious hit, and I'm now waiting with impatience for the release of the film in a few days. And looks like I'm not alone to believe in the potential success of the Wimpy Kid: Producer Brad Simpson told indeed to Coming Soon that they're already working on a movie sequel to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Here's what he said:

"Our screenwriters are writing a sequel right now, "Rodrick Rules," which would be based on the second book. And, you know, we hope that the people want to see a second movie, that we are in position of going again right away and making another film. I certainly know that the fans would like to see all the books made into movies.
The movie stands alone, but hopefully we've created a world that people will want to go back to again and again and if people love this movie the way that we all do then hopefully we'll be coming out with 'Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules'."
Producer Brad Simpson

So if the first film does hit success at the box office, they will be ready to launch the production of Wimpy kid 2. The sequel would be based on the second book of Jeff Kinney's Wimpy Kid book series.

"The humorous saga of middle school student Greg Heffley’s life continues as he deals with summer activities and the fact that his older brother Rodrick 'rules' because he knows something embarrassing about Greg that Greg wants him to keep quiet about."

Just a clip from the first film:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Cheese Touch
Greg (Zachary Gordon) learns about the cheese touch.

Well I wish the first film to make enough entries for the sequel to get greenlit. If the first film is as hilarious as expected I'll be damn glad to watch the movie Wimpy Kid later on!